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1. When is the best time to contact Eichenlaub in order for the project to be completed by a desired date?

Our best advice is the sooner, the better. It is never too soon to begin the design process. The problem is not starting too early, it is starting too late. If you contact us during the busy spring season, it may be difficult for us to give you immediate attention, so we ask for your patience and understanding.

2. What type of properties do we service?

We excel at servicing both commercial and residential properties.

3. What geographical area does Eichenlaub cover?

We provide landscape services for the greater Pittsburgh region and its surrounding communities.

4. How do I get the design that I want?

Before the designer meets with you, you should consider two things: What you want to accomplish and short and long-term budgets.

Since we can do everything from landscape design to installation to maintenance, you should think about how we can meet your needs. Whether you want to do work one on area, address drainage or erosion issues, add a lighting or irrigation system, or completely redo your landscape, we can help to make your dreams a reality.

When thinking about your budget, consider how much you are comfortable investing in your landscape. If your goals exceed your plans, a multi-year design and installation can be implemented that will meet your ultimate goals over a period of time.

5. What is the first step and how quickly will my project be completed?

Our schedule is based on a first come, first serve system. Calling us is the first step. Plan ahead. Spring is our busiest time. Again, if you contact us during the busy spring season, it may be difficult for us to place you immediately on the schedule so we ask for your patience and understanding. Also, the schedule may be influenced by weather conditions, availability of material, current project factors, or individual customer concerns.

6. Can we do our landscaping in phases or stages over a period of time?

This is a great way develop your landscape. As time and budget allow, we will schedule work at your property to design and install additional phases.