In June 1972, Hurricane Agnes hit the Pittsburgh area, resulting in widespread damage. As local landscape companies could not handle the huge volume of work, many neighbors of the six Eichenlaub brothers called upon them to clean up the downed trees, limbs and debris. The oldest brother was heading off to college in the fall. This proved to be an opportunity to earn money towards that goal, and Eichenlaub Brothers was formed. The boys worked together, and, as each graduated from high school, they went on to college, taking turns working and going to school. In fact, they were so successful that they were essentially able to completely fund their college educations cutting grass and providing basic landscape services in the Fox Chapel area.

Dan, who had been working in building construction since his college graduation, returned to the business when the company for whom he was working closed their Pittsburgh offices. In 1980, he took over leadership of the company, formed Eichenlaub, Inc., and started pursuing projects that would utilize the architectural engineering/construction management degree that he had earned at the Pennsylvania State University. They moved the business out of their parent’s garage, hired more employees, and gained a diversified clientele. Throughout this time, the brothers continued to work in concert with each other through their college years, along with the support and encouragement of their parents. Today, Dan, Tom and Paul are still vital parts of the Eichenlaub team.

Today, Eichenlaub is an industry leader with a diverse residential and commercial clientele that utilizes our design, installation and management services. Our extensive experience with residential properties has enabled us to handle everything from the confined urban garden to full-scale estate property management. Eichenlaub’s commercial customers include businesses, institutions, governmental entities, and conservation organizations. We have the knowledge, staff, and equipment to make any landscape flourish.

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