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Finishing touches add character, express your personality, and invite creativity.

Accents can range from a grandiose fireplace to a quaint display of summer annuals in a weathered urn. Dramatic lighting, elegant seating areas, and flower-covered trellises all add charm and distinction to outdoor spaces.  All of these elements reflect the original concept of your outdoor environment enhancement.

Arbors & Pergolas

For some cool shade on a sultry, summer day, sit under the oasis provided by an arbor or pergola covered with climbing clematis or wisteria.

Urns & Planters

From weathered terra cotta with an Old World look to sleek designs in polished granite, we can install decorative urns and planters that compliment your landscape.


There is nothing more delightful than a charming trellis bursting in colorful blooms.

Accent Lighting

Dramatic lighting has the ability to enhance the best aspects of your landscape, walkways, and home, while adding to your security. Effective lighting takes into account the contrasts between light and shade, angles, direction, intensity, and energy use. These results cannot be achieved through whatever is in stock at the local box store. We have the experience in both the design and installation of custom lighting. Eichenlaub can transform your garden or patio into a nighttime living space while creating an outdoor ambiance that will make your landscape become an accent for your home in the evening, as well as during the day.


We have access to the best lines of outdoor furniture so that you can truly utilize your outdoor “room” for entertaining or quiet reflection.


Lattices are an ideal way to create an attractive screen in confined areas.