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Planting is far more than placing a flower, tree, or shrub in the ground. It is evaluating the location, selecting the appropriate plant; installing at the proper depth in correctly prepared soil; where suitable living conditions can be maintained.

This is the Eichenlaub approach. We select only the highest quality plants from growers in geographically compatible zones. Our planting crews don’t just know the correct way to install your plants; they have a passion for planting.

Your landscape has far more than an aesthetic value; it also adds value to your property and benefits our environment. Numerous studies show that investing in your landscape is an essential element in increasing your home’s value. Your landscape also helps to improve the environment. Planting trees and shrubs can reduce your carbon footprint, prevent soil erosion, provide cooling shade that reduces your need for air conditioning, improve air quality, and provide a habitat for wildlife—from butterflies to birds.

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