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We feel that our mission, standards, and special commitment to respecting the environment combine to form a philosophy of which we are proud and which has made us a respected leader in the industry.

We are a service-oriented corporation operating in a demanding market. Our foundation has been built upon the combined abilities of every individual who embodies this company. The talents and expertise of every person at Eichenlaub are the core of our success. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior service by delivering high quality, detailed work, providing customized and unique services, and building a strong and long-term relationship with our clients. Our standards of merit are honesty, diligence, and quality in all that we do. Quality at Eichenlaub refers to more than the product that is designed, delivered, and installed, it means the caliber of the individual’s contribution; the manners in which jobs are performed.

This philosophy is exemplified in the many practices we employ such as recycling and reusing of organic resources as a way of conducting business, preserving water quality, and working towards creating healthy soil. Our commitment to the environment is not just a phrase we say; it is an integral part of every job we do.

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