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Exquisitely designed and expertly installed landscapes require knowledgeable, caring professionals to maintain them.

At Eichenlaub, we understand the importance of proper maintenance.  We have the trained and certified personnel, experience, knowledge, and equipment to cultivate a thriving environment on your property.  As all clients have individualized needs, we offer a wide variety of services, each supplying the best value and practices available.  We are a single source for addressing all of your landscape needs. Our comprehensive care allows you to enjoy your landscape, secure in the knowledge that we are attending to its needs. The right tools in the right hands is the Eichenlaub difference.

Personalized Care Plan

Our ‘Creative Solutions Team’ will meet to determine your desired results and assess the needs of your landscape. You will then receive a landscape plan personalized for you. Whether you want a comprehensive care plan, in which we attend to all of the details necessary to make your landscape look “picture perfect,” a lawn care package, or routine maintenance of your irrigation system, we can provide you the professional services you desire.

Ingredients for Success

We have a comprehensive menu of options that includes all of the elements necessary to keep your property looking fabulous!  MORE

To see how we maintain our projects visit http://www.pinterest.com/eichenlaubinc/