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The best design and most beautiful plants will not survive if proper attention is not paid to drainage. This is where our years of experience will benefit you. We know how to evaluate and address the conditions that affect drainage.



Watering is an integral part of landscape design and maintenance. Irrigation systems can be the difference between a thriving environment and the disintegration of plant life. Eichenlaub’s irrigation department has certified personnel with the technical expertise to provide the best possible methods to manage your landscape. We pay special attention to ensure that flowers, trees, shrubs, ground cover, and grass areas receive the proper amount of supplemental water necessary to maintain optimal growth. Conservation of our natural resources is of paramount concern to us, and a good irrigation system will actually use less water (and time) than manual watering. Our irrigation specialists are trained to calculate watering needs and are prompt with any follow-up service.

Soil Preparation


All living things need the right environment to flourish. We can make sure that the soil in which we put your plants is amended so that your landscape will thrive. We use high quality topsoil and environmentally friendly compost to assure that your new plants are placed in the best planting medium possible.

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