Specialty Features



Nothing provides atmosphere and warmth on a chilly night like a crackling fire. From rustic, stone fire pits to formal fireplaces, we can build a gathering place that will extend your outdoor entertaining season through the fall and beyond.



Water can be used as the focal point of a new garden or can add an exciting dimension to an existing one. Eichenlaub can design and install ponds, streams, fountains, waterfalls, and other water features. Our design staff is skilled in calculating water flows, evaluating the impact on the surrounding topography, and addressing the daily performance of each water feature. In addition to being visually pleasing, water features can produce soothing sounds and support a variety of aquatic plants and fish. Our in-house construction specialists can create effects that produce water bridging; adding stepping-stones, timber decking, islands, and a variety of bridges allowing you to gain the fullest enjoyment from your projects.



Our fencing options are endless, from country-casual split rail to formal wrought iron, we can provide fencing that is visually appealing and secure.

Sustainable Systems


Our respect for the environment is reflected in the many systems that we can install to help sustain it. From ways to deal with rainwater, such as rain barrels, to green roofs, bio swales, and water treatment solutions, we try to provide options to deal with environmental issues like water and heat in aesthetically pleasing ways.

Custom Woodwork


Eichenlaub has a long-standing reputation for building unique outdoor enhancements that accent your home and surrounding property. Each pergola, fence, or garden structure is custom designed and hand-built. We use superior quality woods that we can integrate with stone or brick to give you the broadest design selections possible. The result is a combination of beauty and functionality. These structures create areas that you and your family will be able to enjoy and use to the fullest.

Edible Plants

We can incorporate plant material into your landscape that is both beautiful and delicious. From a bountiful vegetable garden to potted herbs to edible flowers, we can help you to have a garden that sustains you.

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