Or A Landscape


A Landscape

Do I Need

If you’re planning a landscape project, the first question you might have is whether or not it requires a landscape designer or a landscape architect.  You may think that these terms are interchangeable but there are slight differences between them. Here are some of the things to consider before deciding to go with a landscape architect or landscape designer. 

They Have Different Credentials

LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS: May not be licensed professionals and focus on design aspects without the extensive architectural training of landscape architects.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS:  Are licensed professionals, combining design and construction knowledge  to meet both aesthetic and  code requirements.

Making Changes To landscape Design

LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS: Help with overall yard aesthetics and concept plans, ideal for those unsure where to start.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS:  Offer more intricate designs and have broader creative freedom, suitable for elaborate projects.

Landscapes That Require Permits

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS:  Handle legal aspects, ensuring  zoning regulations are met and signing off on drawings for projects needing city permits.

Scope Of Work Or landscape

LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS: Are typically for small to medium residential projects.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS:  Are preferred for larger or commercial projects due to their broader expertise and legal qualifications.

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