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Maintaining a healthy lawn all year  can be tough when the weather is constantly changing. Living in a location where each season brings  its own set of challenges can be a  bit overwhelming.

Here are some tips you can use throughout the year to maintain  a healthy lawn!




You may want to throw in the towel and call it quits on your lawn care methods. Before you do that, we want to let you know that with the right timing and appropriate lawn care tactics, you can make sure your lawn has everything it needs to prosper!

The heat can cause some real damage to your lawn. Some things  to keep in mind when caring for your lawn this summer include:

Summer Tips!

Water your lawn when the sun isn’t out 

Fertilize your lawn when  it's damp 

Keep a consistent  mowing pattern

Use your ‘cides’. By applying herbicides and pesticides  you are kicking out the  insects and weed

Fall is a busy time of year when life begins to ramp up again, but there is no excuse not to care for your lawn. Here are some tips to help you: 

Fall Tips!

Dethatch and rake to get rid of all the dead debris

Seed the lawn so that it can come back healthy next year 

Pay attention to bare spots! This is when they become prevalent

Mow and water your lawn  as needed

Winter is everyone’s favorite season, as far as lawn care, because this is the time of year it needs to least amount of attention. Nonetheless,  it is still important to:

Winter Tips!

Remove any leftover leaves  from the fall 

Mow your lawn short in  the late fall 

Aerate and fertilize it before  the first frost

Spring is an important time of the year because it sets up the health  of your lawn for the rest of your year.  For this time of year, you should:

Spring Tips!

Remove dead grass  by dethatching 

Provide oxygen and moisture to the soil by aerating 

As the weather starts to  warm up, start mowing regularly 

Make sure to start watering your lawn throughout the spring

Eichenlaub can help you with your landscaping needs all year long! We have the trained and certified personnel, experience, knowledge,  and equipment to cultivate a thriving environment on your property.  Our comprehensive care allows you  to enjoy your landscape, secure in the knowledge that we are attending to  its needs. The right tools in the right hands is the Eichenlaub difference.