Landscape lighting

Lights can help to elevate and show off elements of your landscape. With so many options for lighting it can be hard knowing how to pick lighting that will make your landscape look amazing. Check out this web story to learn the dos and don'ts of landscape lighting!

Focus Lights On The House First

Lighting your home can help provide safety and security. It also will highlight the main feature of your property! Arrange lighting to showcase the structure and architecture of your home!


Don't Overdue  The Lighting

Do not place too many light fixtures next to each other. This can be distracting and pull the eye away from what they are illuminating.


Layer Your Lights To Highlight An Area

Instead of clumping lights together, arrange lights in different spots and direct the light towards the spot you would like highlighted.


Place Lights In A Straight Line

Lighting a path in a straight line creates a bland appearance. Staggering your lights can  create a more interesting and  inviting pathway.


Eichenlaub can help you with your landscaping needs. Our designers know that the dramatic impact of a cascading waterfall as well as the smaller details, like the subtle shading of an heirloom rose, are equally important when creating a successful plan. Eichenlaub’s professional design staff creates each landscape plan with attention to the individual aspects of your property coupled with your needs.