A sodded lawn is made from a transplanted  bed of existing grass  with the attached roots.  They are good for large areas of blank ground,  or if you are on a short timeline and need  grass instantly. 

1. Instant gratification

Pros of a Sodded Lawn

2. Initially denser turf

3. Walkable within 2-4 weeks

4. Decreased weed seed intrusion

5. Installed any time of year

1. High cost

Cons of a Sodded Lawn

2. Can't customize seed blend

3. Won't thrive in shade

4. Difference between old and new

5. Struggle to establish roots

As the name implies, seeded lawns are grown from seed. This is the perfect option for you if you have a smaller area to grow grass on,  or small patchy areas which need fixing.  While cost effective,  it takes a lot more time and attention to ensure the grass grows well. 

1. Low cost

Pros of a Seeded Lawn

2. Customizable seed blends

3. Can be grown in shade

4. Blends with existing turf

5. Less time consuming to install

1. Requires more attention

Cons of a Seeded Lawn

2. Risk of erosion

3. Possible weed seed infiltration

4. Longer time to establish

5. Installation depends on weather

Eichenlaub can help you with your landscaping needs. Our designers know that the dramatic impact of a cascading waterfall as well as the smaller details, like the subtle shading of an heirloom rose, are equally important when creating a successful plan. Eichenlaub’s professional design staff creates each landscape plan with attention to the individual aspects of your property coupled with your needs.