5 Fall

Preparing your landscape in the fall and winter can help it be ready for spring and summer!

Leaves are in no short supply during the fall! When you are raking your landscape save the leaves to use as mulch around shrubs and trees! Shred the leaves first to get a great  mulch composition!

Use Leaves As Mulch

Aerating your lawn in the fall can promote healthy grass in the spring. This is also a good time to reseed to help patchy areas of your yard!

Aerate & Reseed  Your Lawn

Fall marks a good time in the year to inspect hard surfaces for cracks or damage that needs fixed. This is the time to apply sealants and pressure wash mold and mildew!

Care For Hardscapes

Dividing your perennials is a great way to keep them in your landscape without them being overgrown! Choose a day after it rains when the  soil is softer to divide the perennials with a garden fork! Pruning them can also give them a healthier look!

Prune Perennials

Young trees are vulnerable in  cold temperatures, so make sure you protect them  before winter! Wrap the  trunk in commercial tree wrap to protect against frost!

Protect Young Trees

Eichenlaub can help you with your landscaping needs. We have the trained and certified personnel, experience, knowledge, and equipment to cultivate a thriving environment on your property. Our comprehensive care allows you to enjoy your landscape, secure in the knowledge that we are attending to  its needs. The right tools in the right hands is the Eichenlaub difference.