How To


Now can be the perfect time to try  and get your lawn healthy again before the winter season dormant period. After the harsh summer, your lawn might need some fertilizer.

Fertilizing your lawn will help with maintenance between seasons and grow your lawn into the yard you have always wanted!

Read along to learn more about how to easily and effectively fertilize your lawn during the late fall season!

Read The Bag

As lawn technology and formulas change, it is a good idea to look into the instructions on your fertilizer. Even if you have already used this formula before, it is always good to double check before applying.


Pick A Spreader

A spreader can make the process  of spreading your fertilizer quicker  and easier. Try to pick a spreader that  will complement the size of your lawn. A good rule of thumb is to use a  rotary spreader for larger lawns, a drop spreader for smaller lawns, and a handheld spreader for tiny lawns. 


Clear The Lawn

Make sure that your lawn is clear of  any leaves or debris before applying  your fertilizer. You do not want any obstacles getting in the way of your fertilizer reaching the ground.


Wait For Rain

Although you can water your lawn yourself, a good time to fertilize your lawn is when is it about the rain. The rain will help to get that fertilizer absorbed into the ground for your grass to have before the winter season.


Sweep Any excess

If you see any leftover fertilizer on  your walkway, patio, or driveway, make sure that you sweep it or blow it into your lawn. Some fertilizers can stain your hardscape.


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