With the widespread adoption of LED lamps, bulbs are not being replaced every year or two which is great for energy savings. However, replacing  the old halogen bulbs provided the opportunity to inspect the fixtures  and wire regularly. 

Regular maintenance of your outdoor lighting system not only ensures its longevity but also enhances the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting systems should be reviewed by a professional every two years for preventive maintenance, routine adjustments, and potential improvements. Continue reading  to see our outdoor lighting maintenance checklist!

Check For Damage

When placing lighting in tree fixtures,  we adjust the fixture and wire to  prevent the seasonal growth of the tree from damaging the fixture and wire.  Damaged or exposed wiring can be a safety hazard. Regular inspections help identify issues early, allowing for timely repairs or replacements to maintain a safe lighting system.


Adjust Fixture Positions

Proper positioning of fixtures is vital to achieve your desired lighting effects. Regularly assess if fixtures need repositioning to highlight specific areas or architectural features effectively.


Clean and  Treat Fixtures

Metal fixtures can corrode over time. Cleaning and applying protective coatings, such as paint or sealant,  as needed, can extend their lifespan  and maintain their appearance. If you  have solar-powered lights, clean solar  panels to maximize energy absorption.  Dirty panels can reduce the efficiency  of your solar lights.


Don’t Forget  The Lenses

Regular cleaning is essential to  maintain optimal light output.  Dirt, cobwebs, and debris can block light and reduce visibility. Cleaning the glass or plastic lenses ensures the quality of the light is not compromised.


Trim Surrounding Foilage

Overgrown shrubs and perennials can obstruct light paths and create shadows. Regularly trim plants and trees to maintain the intended lighting effects and prevent safety hazards.


Replace Bulbs

Burned-out or dimming bulbs  should be replaced promptly to maintain consistent lighting levels. Energy-efficient LED bulbs reduce the frequency of replacements and save on energy costs, but that doesn’t mean they never need to be replaced either.


Review and Update Lighting Plan

As you live in and use your outdoor spaces, experience lighting from the inside out, and approach your home  at night, it is common to add or adjust fixture locations to continuously enhance the look and feel and add interest,  safety, and comfort in the evenings


For expert support regarding your outdoor lighting maintenance or any inquiries related to lighting, turn to Eichenlaub for all your landscaping requirements. Our dedicated design team meticulously crafts each landscape plan, taking into account  the unique characteristics of your property and your specific requirements. We're committed  to assisting you in cultivating and sustaining the ideal outdoor  lighting atmosphere.