When Should You



So when should you be pruning your hydrangeas?

One thing to note before we dive into pruning: If you are just beginning to plan your garden, make sure the plant you are choosing will fit the space you have planned for it over time. Many plants will benefit from pruning them at the appropriate time to help keep them healthy, structurally sound, increase flower and bud formation as well as  fruit production.

When it comes to most plants common in our landscapes the general rule of thumb is to prune early blossoming trees and shrubs immediately after they bloom and well before they have a chance to set flower buds for the following season.

During “Polar Vortex” winters, many Hydrangeas have most of their flower buds “naturally” pruned off due to the extremely low temperatures.     However, late winter is usually a good time, as the plants will heal quickly from the pruning cuts.

Trees and shrubs that flower on current seasons wood can be pruned at any time before they  leaf out. If they have leafed out, pruning the new growth could sacrifice blossoms later in  the summer.

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