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Eichenlaub utilizes a wide range of trade skills that allows our qualified staff to provide their customers with design, installation, irrigation, lighting, hardscapes including natural stone, landscape maintenance, and more. They are committed to delivering high quality work and building strong, long-term relationships with the customers.

We provide an environment where the employee can grow and benefit from working with our company. Staff compensation benefits include health care, paid vacation, profit sharing retirement plan, uniforms, educational opportunities, company sponsored social events, and more.

We offer a formalized enrichment training program to enhance the trade skills of our staff. Eichenlaub develops and offers this “hands-on” training at different times throughout the year without cost to the employee. The talents and expertise of every person at Eichenlaub are at the core of our success.

If you are or want to be a professional in the landscape industry, have the opportunity to grow and contribute your skills, take pride in quality work, thrive on unique and outstanding projects, enjoy working outdoors, and to be part of a recognized team, then Eichenlaub is for you.

Landscape Crew Members

We are searching for Landscape Crew Members who will be working in the field completing landscape activities in a timely manner. Activities to include: planting trees and shrubs, weeding, mowing, mulching, digging, fertilizing, excavating, tilling, pruning, grading, tamping, raking, laying sod, operating equipment, etc.

Landscape Maintenance Foreperson

We are searching for individuals to join our team in the position of Landscape Maintenance Foreperson. The foreperson will be working in the field alongside the crew providing routine maintenance services, spring and fall clean-ups, pruning, seasonal flower displays at residential properties, and performing various landscape activities. If you enjoy leadership opportunities and exercising management and client relationship skills, this is the position for you with great growth opportunities.

Landscape Planting Foreperson

We are searching for a Landscape Planting Foreperson to be responsible for managing people, materials and equipment in the field to complete softscape installation in a timely manner. The candidate will work with and lead a crew of up to 5 people in performing their duties. Success in this position is indicated by positive customer feedback and jobs being completed within the budgeted time while still maintaining the highest degree of quality possible.

Hardscape Construction Foreperson

We are searching for a Hardscape Construction Foreperson to be responsible for managing people, materials and equipment. Foreperson will be working in the field alongside the crew installing hardscape elements (patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, retaining walls, steps, etc.) and other landscape activities in a timely manner.

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