Baldcypress – Plant Ideas

In this video, Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist Kevin Prall gives you the skinny on this unique deciduous conifer that you can use in your Pittsburgh landscape.

Bald Cypress is one of  Phipps Conservatory’s Top 10 Sustainable Plants


Hi, Kevin here with our continued discussion on terrific landscape plants for the Pittsburgh area. Today I’d like to talk about Baldcypress, a botanical Latin name for the plant is Taxodium distichum. A terrific tree for just about any location on your property. It does well on open lawn areas as well as areas where there might be a bit of a drainage challenge because the plant tends to do really well where it’s a little bit wetter. It doesn’t need to be in really wet situations, but it does tolerate it quite well. 

Excellent for deer-browsing, deer don’t really want to touch it. It’s got a great shape and form throughout the entire year. Very very nice central defined liter, very soft in the summertime, pretty intense maroon-orange fall color. It depends on the tree a little bit. Excellent in the fall, the wintertime the branch structure is very noticeable. Beautiful again like I said in all seasons. It’s certainly one I think you should really try to use in your landscape. It’s really an interesting plant that it’s just about native in many parts of the country. In the South, of course in the swamps, we all know the plant. You’ll see it right directly in the water with its knees (the parts of the plant coming up above the water). It also does really well way up into the North, Minnesota, it’s been noticed to be growing naturally. A great one to try so give it a shot. 

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