Outdoor Lighting 101: How To Connect Outdoor Lighting Wires

Whether you are adding new outdoor light fixtures or you are deciding to do some landscape lighting maintenance, it is great to understand how to create quality wire connections. Although it may seem like a difficult task, learning how to connect outdoor lighting wires can actually be simple.

We are going to go over step-by-step how you can connect your outdoor wires and the materials you will need to complete the task. There is a video attached to not only write down the steps, but to also demonstrate the steps necessary to fix your outdoor lighting wires.

How To Connect Outdoor Lighting Wires

Materials Needed

Before even starting the process, let’s go over the tools and materials you will need to complete this task. If you do not have these materials, make sure that you go to your local hardware store and purchase these materials. You can also ask your family and friends for materials if you do not plan on purchase some of these tools.

Materials Needed:

  • -Cutter
  • -Heat Gun
  • -Shrink Tubes
  • -Crimp Tubes

Step 1: Turn The Power Off

After you have acquired all of your materials needed to connect your lighting wires together, you should turn off your power. You are going to be working with electrical work, so it is important that you make sure that the power is off.

Step 2: Cut The Splices From Your Wires

You may find that your wires are connecting with electrical tap and wire nuts. These are called splices and they need to be cut off.

This is needed since you want to have access to the wires, but also electrical tape is not going to be the best option for protecting your wires from erosion. Moisture and weather is going to be able to seep through your electrical tape.

Using your cutters, you are going to cut the splice off so that you have full access to the wires.

Step 3: Strip Your Wires

Your wires have a coating around them and your are going to need to get to the wires. You should have two wires that are connected together, similar to ear buds.

When you need more room, you will split them a little bit. This is the same thing you are going to do with the lighting wires. Just pull them apart a little bit to give you some room.

Using your cutters, you are going to strip your wires. Give yourself three quarters of an inch to work with on both sides of your wires.

Step 4: Connect Your wires

Do you remember those strip and crip tubes? Add the crip tube and the strip tube to one side of the wire before connecting the two wires together. Both of these materials are going to help protect your wires from the weather a thousand times better than electrical tape.

Not sure what wire go with which? Eichenlaub’s Matt Schultz has a good rule of thumb! You will notice that one side of the wire has writing on it while the other side does not. Connect the two wires with writing on it together and do the same with the side that has no writing on them.

Once you connect them, put the crip tube and the strip tube on top of the part where they are connected together.

Step 5: Close Up The Strip Tube

Now that everything is connected and the strip tube is on top of the connected wires, use your heat gun to melt the strip tube to the wires. This will make a closed seal that will help prevent wire erosion.

Be careful when using the heat gun so that you do not accidentally melt any other tool or part of your landscape!

End Note:

Quality wire connections are critical to the longevity of an outdoor lighting system. It may seem like a daunting task to learn how to connect outdoor lighting wires, but it can actually be very simple and safe if you just follow these guidelines. If you are more of a visual person, feel free to watch this video!

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