Top 4 Outdoor Living Ideas To Try In 2023

Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity, with more people than ever spending their time outdoors. Homeowners aren’t just spending more time outside—they’re also making their outdoor spaces a priority. Life is better when you can spend it outdoors, so here are some of our top outdoor living ideas to try in 2023. 

Outdoor Living Ideas To Try In 2023

Outdoor Living Ideas To Try in 2023: CLimate Friendly Plants1. Incorporate climate-friendly plants

It’s all about sustainability these days, and with the way climate change is going, it’s a good idea to incorporate more environmentally-friendly landscaping techniques. You may want to consider adding some drought-resistant plants to your landscape. They’re generally lower maintenance, plus you’ll save on your water bill too! Some great drought-resistant plants include:

  • Ornamental grasses
  • Echinacea
  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Sedum
  • Russian Sage

Outdoor Living Ideas To Try In 2023: Outdoor Kitchen

2. Create an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason: they’re practical, versatile, and perfect for entertaining guests. Outdoor kitchens can be used year-round—as a gathering space during the summer and as a cooking space in the winter. If you have an outdoor kitchen set up, you can cook your meals outside and save money on your heating bill at the same time!

You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space all year long if you invest in an outdoor kitchen that’s equipped with everything you need (including appliances) to prepare food for yourself or others.

Outdoor Living Ideas To Try 2023: Fire Pits and Nooks

3. Include nooks, seating areas, and firepits 

Nooks, seating areas and firepits are all going to be more popular than ever. Nooks are a great way to add privacy as well as a space where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Seating areas are a great way to add comfort and make your outdoor living area feel cozy.

Outdoor Living Ideas To Try In 2023: Vertical Planting4. Try vertical gardens

Our last outdoor living idea to try in 2023 is vertical gardens. 

Vertical gardens, also known as green walls or living walls, are a type of garden in which plants are grown on a vertical surface, such as a wall or fence. They can be used in a outdoor living space as a way to add greenery and color to an otherwise dull or plain exterior wall, or to create a privacy screen.

Some benefits of using a vertical garden in a residential landscape include: space-saving, air purification, insulation, noise reduction, and most importantly, they look stunning!

End Note:

There are a lot of great ideas out there to try and you’ll find that many of them are fairly easy to incorporate into your own space. So, what do you think? Do any of these outdoor living ideas sound like something you’d like to try? We hope so! If you’re in the process of planning your own outdoor space makeover, then we hope this article helped inspire some creative ideas. If you need further inspiration, why not check out our portfolio, or visit out Outdoor Living Studio, it’s sure to spark something.

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