Plant Ideas With Kevin Prall

Planting is far more than placing a flower, tree, or shrub in the ground. It is evaluating location, selecting the appropriate plant; installing at the proper depth in correctly prepared soil; where suitable living conditions can be maintained
This is the Eichenlaub approach. We select only the highest quality plants from growers in geographically compatible zones. Our planting crews don’t just know the correct way to install your plants; they have a passion for planting.

Your landscape has far more than an aesthetic value; it also adds value to your property and benefits our environment. Numerous studies show that investing in your landscape is an essential element in increasing your home’s value. Your landscape also helps to improve the environment. Planting trees and shrubs can reduce your carbon footprint, prevent soil erosion, provide cooling shade that reduces your need for air conditioning, improve air quality, and provide a habitat for wildlife—from butterflies to birds.

Fort McNair Horsechestnut – tree – landscaping ideas

Venus Dogwood – Flowering Tree – Landscaping Ideas, Eichenlaub

Sweetshrub – shrub – landscaping ideas

Grow Low Sumac – Shrub – Landscaping Ideas – Eichelaub

This plant is a tame, low growing, version of one of Pittsburgh’s favorite weed trees! Grow Low Sumac is a fast-spreading non-invasive shrub with a wonderful overall texture when planed in masses. This makes it a great candidate for covering those hard to manage slopes that many of us have here in Pittsburgh. Fruit is attractive to wildlife.

Blue Star – Amsonia – landscaping ideas – Eichenlaub

Common Name: blue star
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Family: Apocynaceae
Native Range: South-central United States
Zone: 5 to 8
Height: 2.00 to 3.00 feet
Spread: 2.00 to 3.00 feet

Leptodermis – shrub- Landscaping ideas

Here is one you may not know about! This unique very small (12-18” tall) deciduous shrub produces a beautiful prolific set of flowers beginning in late spring lasting 4 – 6 weeks then blooms sporadically throughout the rest of the season. Flowers are fragrant and violet-purple. Can be used as a low hedge.

Ginkgo – Plant Ideas

Unique fan-shaped leaves- stunning yellow color in the fall – tolerant of many urban conditions including heat, air pollution and salt. In this video, Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist Kevin Prall introduces you to Ginkgo biloba a great deciduous tree for your Pittsburgh landscape.

Bald cypress – Plant Ideas- Eichenlaub

Red Creeping Thyme – Plant Ideas

Feather Reed Grass – Ornamental Grass – Landscaping Ideas

In this video Kevin discusses a great deer resistant plant for full sun. Wonderful fine texture to use against course textured trees and shrubs. Also great with full sun perennials to create a prairie style look.

American Holly – Evergreen Tree -Landscaping Ideas

American holly is a deer resistant evergreen tree. That statement alone makes this a great tree for the Pittsburgh area landscape. Throw in wonderful red late season berries, a nice deep green color and unique texture and you have a truly special tree for our landscapes. Just give it some room this tree will get rather broad at the base. Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist Kevin Prall fills us in on the details in this video

Evergreen Ground Cover Myrtle aka Vinca

Landscaping Ideas – groundcover – Brass Buttons

Looking for an interesting “stepable” ground cover? This is a unique one. Leptinella squalida is great for between stepping stones and goes very well in the joints of contemporary square or rectangular paving. Give it good sun and well drained soil.

Butterfly Weed – landscaping ideas

Do you want to attract Monarch butterflies? Soulmate Butterfly weed is your plant. Wonderful, showy summer blooms that almost guarantee butterflies, just give it plenty of sun and well drained soil.

Underused Perennials

Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist Kevin Prall discusses 5 great perennials in 2 minutes.

5 great deer resistant plants

The skinny on 5 great deer resistant plants that you might not be aware of! Try these if you are concerned about deer eating your plants.

5 more great deer resistant plants!

You asked and we delivered! The skinny on 5 more great deer resistant Pittsburgh area plants that you might not be aware of! Try these if you are concerned about deer eating your plants.

Plant ideas – ornamental tree – Stewartia

OK, here is a small ornamental tree with some unique characteristics for a long season of interest. Flowers bloom in the summer after most ornamental trees, nice summer treat! The bark is beautiful and with unique colors. Nice spring – winter! finally, throw in the beautiful fall color and you have something wonderful happening all season long!

Blue oat grass – landscaping ideas

The steel blue leaf blades of this low ornamental grass is a nice contrast to wide leafed landscape plants and offer a long season of interest. Great in contemporary and prairie style designs. This plant is very deer resistant and, once established, can handle dry soil and hot afternoon sun. A unique front of the border plant.

Upright European Hornbeam – formal tree – landscaping ideas

Angelinea sedum – landscaping ideas – Eichenlaub

Landscape Professionals – interview with Philip Bauerle – Plant Care Specialist

America’s Best Front Yard Winner 2019 | Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens proudly presents the winner of its first America’s Best Front Yard Contest.

Native Plants 101 – landscaping ideas – eichenlaub

Blue Star Creeper – perennial – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Landscaping Ideas – Kentucky Coffee Tree – Eichenlaub

Dee Runk Boxwood – Upright Shrub -Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Gold Tide Forsythia – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Jack Frost Brunnera – Perennial – Landscaping Ideas – Eichelaub

Orchid Frost Lamium – Perennial Ground Cover – Landscaping Ideas

Japanese tree lilac – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Bush Clover – Shrub – Landscaping Ideas – eichenlaub

Variegated Japanese Water Iris – Perennial – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Tricolor Beech – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Cornus Mas – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Heavenly Bamboo – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Plumbago – Landscaping Ideas – eichenlaub

Leucothoe Rainbow – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Cercis canadensis ‘Appalachian Spring – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Creeping Phlox in Bloom- Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Blue Baron Rhododendron – Landscaping Ideas – eichenlaub

Devil’s walking stick – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Miranda Climbing Hydrangea – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

‘Slender Silhouette’ Sweetgum – Landscaping Ideas – Eichenlaub

Add all season color and texture with this front of the border groundcover.

One of the largest flowers you will see on a tree!

Try this shrub for unique foliage color and texture for your home landscape!