Why Are Pondless Water Features Perfect For Your Garden?

As outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, people are always looking for ways to enhance their outdoor spaces. Pondless water features could be the perfect addition to your garden in order to enhance your landscaping and add a sense of peace to your outdoor space.


What is a Pondless Water Feature?

If you aren’t familiar, a pondless water feature is a type of fountain. They are commonly known as disappearing fountains because the water reservoir is actually hidden underground. The waterfalls bubble down through a rock base and then disappear. This cycle does not require regular maintenance because stagnant water is not an issue. 

Pondless water features are easy to customize to your style, and they create a tranquil, calming aura in your garden. Plus, depending on where you place it, a disappearing fountain can become a focal point in your landscaping.


When A Pondless Water Feature is Perfect For Your Garden

When you have lots of sunlight

If you have lots of sunlight in your garden or yard, a pondless water feature just may be the perfect addition! Most water features look best in full sunlight and your garden with the beam as a result. Any place that can host a water feature should also be able to accommodate a vegetable garden or a sunny flower bed, too. Plus, when you are working in the garden, you will get to enjoy the water feature.

When you need a focal point

Pondless water features can become one of the main focal points of your garden and landscaping. It is striking and can be used to distract people from other unattractive features in your yard. 

Pondless water features with Eichenlaub Landscaping

When you need more tranquility in your garden

There is nothing quite as tranquil as the sound of a small waterfall or fountain. A pondless water feature can be used as a relaxing element, as the bubbling effect will help calm your mind. If you need a new space to relax, adding a pondless water feature may be your answer!

When there are a lot of open areas

Take a look at your yard or garden. If there are a lot of open areas, think about adding a pondless water feature! It could amplify the space and attract the attention of those who enter your yard. Plus, they make a great conversation piece and give you a little something to “show off”

Small water fountain in backyard

When you want to attract beautiful birds

Finally, water features can also serve as birdbaths. If you are a fan of birdwatching or just love seeing mother nature in your own backyard, a pondless water feature would be perfect for you. 

Taking the waters is back in style


Make sure to keep water features away from power lines, pipes, and other things that could cause damage when you break ground. We also recommend keeping them away from large vegetation and putting them near your power outlets to cut some costs.


Whether you need help planning out your garden, designing a custom water feature, or building it, Eichenlaub has you covered. We have been providing premiere landscaping services for over 40 years and are prepared to make your landscaping dreams a reality!