What Are The Best Landscape Lighting Fixtures To Use?


Hey it’s Ben here from Eichenlaub, I’m here to answer another lighting question for you today. The one that just came in is, ‘what’s the best fixture for landscape lighting?’

That’s a tough question because there are a lot of options out there, but I have two choices

You’ll want a solid metal construction in the fixture. Something that has a lot of options to fit a particular style or certain lighting effect. Quality and reliable internal components, that will be the bulb socket and internal wiring. So my two choices are FX Luminaire and CopperMoon. CopperMoon is a company that we’ve been using for about 25 years now, they make an extremely high quality solid copper fixture which I love for a landscape lighting system where the homeowner isn’t looking for a lot of technological advancement or individual control of fixtures.

What I like about it is, once it patinas, it practically disappears into the landscape which fits almost any style of landscape you’re looking for.

The other nice thing is that solid copper finish, there’s no external finish to chip off that can cause premature corrosion. They are also really well made and seal nicely, there’s not a bunch of fixtures of pieces that you have to take apart for regular maintenance. It’s really a great all around option.

The second one is FX Luminaire, the reason I like them is for a lot of the same reason as CopperMoon; solid fixture, internal components, ease of maintenance, but it also comes in a lot of different finish options, and they have some different styles than Copper Moon as well.

The real benefit to the FXLuminaire though is they’re on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to landscape lighting. So these are systems where you can control bulb colours, individual fixtures, the lighting intensity, and also integrates with your home automation.

That’s something I’ll go into more detail in a future video. Those are my two choices for dependable, professional-grade light fixtures.