Why we love nature – the biophilia hypothesis

The idea: “biophilia hypothesis,” suggests that we love nature because we evolved in it. We need it for our psychological well-being because it’s in our DNA.  Nature helps us to relax and feel comfortable in a space.  This is why we put such high importance on the landscape surrounding our homes and outdoor living spaces.  I think this also explains why so many people favor natural stone patio and wall materials to the pre-fab manufactured concrete type.  There are some manufactured materials out now that look very much like the real thing, but they just do not give us the same felling.  Seems like the biophilia hypothesis  is very difficult to fool!  Despite the huge selection of manufactured products on the market, natural paving materials are more popular than ever.  The Video below shows several types we have on display The Outdoor Living Studio in Millvale.  I consider Pennsylvania blue stone and our local sandstone to be the blue jeans and khakis of the choices.  They are tried and true, durable, and go with just about anything.  There are other great materials in between.  These can be a little trickier to work into a design as some have strong colors are only available in certain sizes but can be perfect for that specific niche application.  Choose wisely and your Biophilia will be going through the roof!