The Best Outdoor Lights For Winter

It’s cold outside and with winter’s shorter days it is dark in the morning and before dinnertime. Many features of the outside of your home are probably not looking their best right now. You may not realize the wonderful opportunities outdoor lighting can provide this time of year.

Take advantage of shorter winter days and create beautiful views with outdoor landscape lighting. By focusing on the inside out, you can create inspiring views at night.

Below, we have compiled a collection of the best outdoor lights for winter and how to make the best out of them for your outdoor landscape.

The Best Outdoor Lights For Winter


Uplighting is similar to cross-lighting, except that it uses up-facing lights instead of angled ones. The angle looks nice in small areas such as flower beds or walkways.

Trees look great when up-lit and those with interesting bark and textures look particularly nice during the winter months. Up-light trees that you can see out of your windows at night.

This will create a new dimension and feeling in your interior space.  It will be like adding a new, one-of-a-kind piece of fine art to a room!

String Lights

Bulb Lights- A woman sitting out in her backyard during the winter with a bunch of backyard lighting lighting up the backyardAlthough this has been a lighting idea for many years, this lighting idea can be absolutely gorgeous for any backyard. It creates a dream-like environment  while also complementing the ambiance of a winter night.

There different types of bulb lighting that you can choose from. LED light are generally more energy efficient, but traditional Incandescent bulbs add that warm or inviting light. Although incandescent bulbs may add that yellow, warm light to your space, LED light typically last longer while also using less energy.


Bollard Lights

Bollard Lights- A home in the winter with bollard lights lighting the front entranceBollard lights are the small lamps added to the sides of pathways. Bollard lights are the best outdoor lights for winter because they make a clear path while also adding to the design of your outdoor landscape.

Depending on your taste, you can choose bollard lights that match the aesthetic you want. You may even decide that you want specific lights depending on the type of year it is.

You may find that you want a more vintage, lantern look for the winter, and a more geometric look for the summer. The uniqueness of these lights are why bollard lights are considered the best outdoor lights for winter.

How To Affectively Place Your Outdoor Lighting

The best outdoor lights for winter may not be used affectively without following landscaping principles. The way you place your outdoor lighting or understanding the climate of your area can help your outdoor landscape level up this winter! Below are some things to consider when thinking about where to place your outdoor lighting to make the most of your outdoor landscape.

Add Depth

add Depth- Uplighting on trees in the backyardWhere you add outdoor lighting and what you decide to add can help you create amazing outdoor lighting. By adding three or more levels of lighting to say a backyard view, you can create artful depth to the scene.

For instance, up-light a small tree close to the house (foreground), down-light a section of lawn behind that (middle ground), then up-light three large trees at the back edge of your property (background).  This will create a beautiful “scene” with a greater sense of depth.

In addition, by varying lamp (bulb) wattages you can add additional depth and drama.


Let It Snow

Let It Snow- A beautifully lit home with snow all over the ground.

The best part about outdoor lighting in the winter is the views can significantly change with the weather.  Snow is the most dramatic difference.

Different types of snow events will create different views. Wet snow will be different from dry snow for instance.

When it rains in the winter, it creates more glare on trees. The rain mixed with the outdoor lighting will show fog; therefore, adding mystery.


End Note

We hope that this article can give you some inspiration this winter season. Outdoor lighting does not always have to be a hassle. Finding the best outdoor lights for winter can be easy with the help of Eichenlaub!

After a season full of wind, rain, snow, and more, it can be beneficial to have a outdoor lighting maintenance routine. This can save you money while also making sure that your outdoor lighting is updated every year.


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