The Outdoor Living Studio

Introducing The Outdoor Living Studio.  A place unique to Pittsburgh, where you can experience the finest outdoor living elements.  Browse elegantly designed and expertly hand crafted stone, wood, copper and other timeless materials and understand how these different materials and colors complement each other.  If you are searching PinterestHouzz and other online picture sites for landscaping and outdoor living ideas, The Outdoor Living Studio is your next step.  It is an indoor facility where you can interact with outdoor lighting styles, planters with different color and texture arrangements, patio layouts, outdoor furnishings, natural stone wall materials, fire features, pergolas and more.  Visiting The Outdoor Living Studio will help you confirm your ideas, material selection, and style before making a major investment in your home’s landscaping.  Brought to you by Eichenlaub.

To learn more or schedule a visit please contact us at:


517 Lincoln Ave, Millvale, PA 15209 (behind Pamela’s)