Planning Your Dream Outdoor Space

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.  Being outside is relaxing, healthy, and with the right design, versatile and comfortable.  A little early planning will go a long way.  Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your new outdoor space.

Identify your needs. Do you entertain? How will your guests move into and through your new space? Identify bad views to be screened and good views to be enhanced. What feeling do you want to evoke? Relaxing? Party time? Family time? Formal? Natural? How often will you use your new space at night? Study your views from the inside of your home out. How can you enhance these views?

Understand your existing conditions. Are there water drainage issues? Are there severe slopes? Is it open and hot during the day? Is it too shady for plants to grow? How about those deer? You will find that working your needs and wants into your existing conditions will present both challenges and opportunities. The deer may limit your plant selection but that “unusable slope” can become a beautiful water feature!

Enjoy. Once you create the perfect space you and your family will begin to use it for everything. Morning coffee, peaceful escape, family dinner, end of the day happy hour, weekend social, grandpa’s birthday party or my favorite: an outdoor No Electronics Day!