Top Pittsburgh Landscaping Trends For 2024

Landscaping is constantly changing as communities develop their unique styles and preferences. In 2024, Pittsburgh landscaping trends are bringing some exciting new ideas to the table, blending sustainability, innovation, and technology in creative ways. As homeowners look to upgrade their outdoor spaces, these trends promise to make landscapes look amazing while benefiting the environment. 

Read more to see what will shape Pittsburgh’s green spaces in the coming year.


Sustainability And Native Plants 

One of the prominent Pittsburgh Landscaping Trends gaining traction is using native plants. More and more homeowners are catching on to the benefits of including plants indigenous to the region. What’s great is that they are well-adapted to the local climate, demanding less water and maintenance than non-native varieties. This sustainable approach conserves water resources and promotes biodiversity by providing a habitat for local wildlife. Beyond the environmental perks, native plants add a unique charm to landscapes, showcasing the beauty that thrives naturally in the Pittsburgh region.

Close up picture of shrubs

Drought Tolerant Landscaping 

With its fluctuating weather patterns, Pittsburgh demands resilient solutions that can weather the storm. Opting for drought-resistant plant varieties and implementing water-efficient techniques is the key. Trees like White Fir and Hedge Maple, alongside the enduring gingko, stand tall against water scarcity. Shrubs like lilac and juniper and perennials like lavender and black-eyed Susan bring color and hardiness to landscapes. So, in a city where the weather keeps you guessing, drought-tolerant landscaping is the answer to ensure your outdoor space remains vibrant and resilient throughout the seasons.


Outdoor Living Spaces 

With the demand for outdoor space rising, 2024 is the perfect time to start planning and turning backyards into dreamy outdoor spaces. Imagine sipping coffee in the outdoor kitchen, warming up around a fireplace, or lounging in a unique seating area surrounded by nature. These outdoor extensions of indoor living seamlessly connect individuals with nature, offering a fantastic spot for unwinding or bringing together friends and families to enjoy the city’s fresh air and beautiful view. This new Pittsburgh Landscaping Trends enhances the residents’ quality of life and adds a touch of sophistication to the city’s overall aesthetic.

Kitchen in backyard living space

Vertical Gardens 

In the heart of the city, one of the new Pittsburgh Landscaping Trends is climbing to great heights—literally. With limited space in the city, vertical gardens offer a creative solution to bring greenery into urban environments. These gardens, often consisting of vertically stacked planters or climbing vines on walls, add a touch of nature to concrete jungles and contribute to air purification and temperature regulation.


Smart Landscaping Technology 

In 2024, landscapes will be as smart as phones or tablets. Smart irrigation adjusts to weather conditions, ensuring the perfect amount of water for plants. Simultaneously, automated lighting not only sets the mood but also conserves energy. These futuristic technologies bring efficiency and convenience to outdoor spaces by streamlining maintenance, saving time and resources while promoting sustainable practices. 


Seasonal Planting 

In Pittsburgh’s fluctuating climate, planning for seasonal changes is one of the crucial 2024 Pittsburgh Landscaping Trends to follow for non-stop garden color. The city’s distinct seasons, from cold winters to warm summers, demand thoughtful plant selection and care to ensure resilient and thriving landscapes.

Strategically pick plants that bloom at different times to keep Pittsburgh gardens lively all year. Fill spring with bulbs, summer with perennials, and fall with plants like mums. As for colder months, winter landscaping ideas, such as picking evergreens, maintain color against an all-white winter backdrop. Understanding the condition and how to maintain Pittsburgh soil also helps plants thrive through the seasons. With smart planning, Pittsburghers can enjoy vibrant, dynamic gardens regardless of the weather!


Hiring Professional Landscapers

​​While exciting, these Pittsburgh Landscaping Trends can be challenging to follow. That’s why more people are getting professional landscapers on board. These landscaping pros understand the lay of the land in Pittsburgh. They know which native plants and practices are a good fit and can make technologies work smoothly.

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Now, how to find the perfect landscaper? Well, it all starts with doing some due diligence. Check out landscapers’ portfolios to see what kinds of designs and projects they can pull off, and remember to read their clients’ comments. By following these two simple tips, every homeowner can get insights into their design style and the range of services they provide, helping them make an informed decision before starting their landscaping project.


End Note

As we look ahead to 2024, Pittsburgh landscaping trends bring creative and sustainable ideas that enhance outdoor living spaces. By embracing native plants, drought resistance, and technology, landscapes will become more environmentally friendly and easier to enjoy year-round. Even though these trends are exciting, help from someone familiar with Pittsburgh’s condition may be needed.

If you’re ready to bring these latest landscaping trends to life, don’t hesitate to contact us at Eichenlaub. With expertise and decades of experience, our team will help you create a landscape you’ll love for years!