5 Pittsburgh Landscaping Ideas To Try This Winter

With winter right around the corner, now is the perfect time for Pittsburgh homeowners to consider ways to improve their curb appeal and property value through cold-season landscaping. Strategic winter landscape design can create inviting outdoor spaces despite freezing temperatures and snowfall. 

In this article, we will explore landscaping ideas to try this winter in Pittsburgh for thriving plants, seasonal decorations, hardscapes, wildlife habitats, sustainability, and more. Implementing these tips will help you enjoy your yard even on the bleakest winter days!

Landscaping ideas to try this winter


Winter-Friendly Plant Selection

Evergreens are your go-to choice for maintaining color and structure throughout the year. These resilient plants withstand winter conditions, providing a lush green backdrop when other plants may have withered away. Consider incorporating different varieties of evergreens for a dynamic and visually exciting landscape.

Ornamental grasses are another smart choice, swaying gracefully when the winter winds blow. Their feathery texture adds a captivating scene to the landscape. Choose varieties native to the Pittsburgh area for the best cold hardiness.

And for a burst of color in the winter chill, consider adding winter-flowering shrubs and perennials to your garden. For instance, winter jasmine and witch hazel can be like floral surprises, bringing pops of color when everything else seems to be in hibernation. 

However, proper installation and care during the winter season are essential for the success of these plants, so be sure to follow expert tips to ensure their health and vitality!


Seasonal Outdoor Decor

To transform your outdoor spaces into a winter wonderland, embrace seasonal decor, such as: 

Trees in a culd-a-sac with christmas lights around the trees

  1. Festive lighting arrangements: Festive lighting arrangements turn your garden into a fairytale land as the winter nights get dark. String lights along pathways, trees, and structures to give your outdoor space a warm and enchanting glow.


  1. Wreaths, garlands, and other door/window decor: Who can resist wreaths, garlands, and other door/window decor? Fragrant wreaths on doors, garlands across porches, ribbon bows, and decorative pine cones look beautiful and make your home feel inviting and festive for the season. 


  1. Decorative containers with winter greens and ornaments: For extra charm, utilize decorative containers filled with winter greens and ornaments strategically placed near entrances and pathways. It’s like adding a sprinkle of winter magic to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere outdoors.


Hardscape Enhancements

Now, upgrade your outdoor space with practical hardscape enhancements for perfect landscaping ideas to try this winter.


  1. Installing heated driveways and walkways: Installing Heated driveways and walkways isn’t just about safety during icy conditions; it’s about creating a winter landscape that’s safe and hassle-free. Say goodbye to shoveling snow – just safe and clear paths for convenience! One of our favorite landscaping ideas to try this winter.


  1. Fire pits and outdoor heating solutions: If you’re about creating a cozy spot for gatherings, consider adding fire pits and outdoor heating solutions. Imagine sipping hot cocoa by the fire, surrounded by the beauty of a winter landscape. It’s not just functional; it’s creating an outdoor haven in the colder months.


Winter Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

As you explore landscaping ideas to try this winter, remember that embracing wildlife-friendly landscaping adds a touch of nature to your surroundings and provides a thriving hub for nature. Some ideas for making contributions to your surrounding wildlife are: 

Bird eating a peanut from a bird feeder in the winter

  1. Bird feeders and shelters: Install bird feeders and shelters to give your feathered friends a feast gathering spot in this celebration season. Place them strategically near evergreens to shield them from predators and winds.
  2. Providing water sources: Consider placing birdbaths or shallow containers filled with fresh water. This effort benefits the birds and other critters that might drop by for a sip. 


  1. Selecting plants that provide food and shelter for wildlife: Native trees and shrubs, such as berry-bearing varieties, provide both food and a cozy spot to hang out. These plants turn your garden into a comfy home for various creatures, making your outdoor space more lively and friendly to nature. 


Sustainable Winter Landscaping Practices

Lastly, as the world enters an environmentally conscious era, sustainable practices should be part of every homeowner’s plan. Here are some landscape ideas to try this winter that are eco-friendly and positive for the world around you: 


  1. Mulching to protect plant roots: In winter, mulch becomes a crucial ally in shielding plant roots from the harsh effects of frost. The insulating properties of mulch create a protective layer that minimizes temperature fluctuations in the soil, ensuring the well-being of your plants throughout the colder months. If you feel like getting dirty this winter, make sure to follow our tips on how to improve your garden’s soil.


  1. Using energy-efficient outdoor lighting: Opting for energy-efficient outdoor lighting saves energy costs and minimizes your environmental footprint. One idea is through low-voltage LED fixtures. Or, you can explore our tips on creating amazing outdoor lighting that improves your outdoor appeal and is environmentally friendly.


End Note 

As we wrap up our exploration of landscaping ideas to try this winter, the key is to craft a resilient, captivating, eco-friendly outdoor haven. From evergreens to festive lighting and practical enhancements, create enchanting wonderlands. Embrace wildlife-friendly landscaping and sustainability practices like mulching and energy-efficient lighting. 

Now equipped with ideas, it’s time to transform your outdoor spaces. At Eichenlaub, we understand Pittsburgh’s winter and are ready to bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s a fire pit or a wildlife-friendly garden, ask our team to turn your landscaping dreams into a breathtaking reality.

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