Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends To Try This Spring

As the snow melts and flowers bloom, many homeowners are eager to embrace the great outdoors and transform their outdoor spaces into functional and inviting extensions of their living areas. There are four outdoor living trends to try this spring that are gaining popularity, offering homeowners the opportunity to create stylish and practical outdoor retreats. These trends address a range of tastes and ways of living, from outdoor cooking and dining spots to unique sitting area to eco-conscious landscaping approaches.


In this article, we will explore how you can incorporate those trends into your outdoor spaces to create a haven that perfectly complements the spirit of the season.


Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends To Try This Spring 

1. Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas

Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends To Try This Spring- Outdoor KitchenOne of the most popular outdoor living trends to try this spring is outdoor kitchens and dining as homeowners seek to extend their living space into the outdoors. These spaces provide the perfect setting for cooking, dining, and entertaining, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while preparing meals for family and friends. 


Functionality and aesthetics should go hand in hand when designing an outdoor kitchen or dining area. Consider incorporating durable and weather-resistant materials, such as stainless steel appliances, natural stone countertops, and weather-resistant furniture. Additionally, incorporating features like built-in storage, outdoor refrigeration, and ample lighting can enhance the space’s overall usability and ambiance.

2. Cozy Outdoor Lounge Areas 

Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends To Try This Spring- Outdoor Lounge AreaIn addition to outdoor dining spaces, creating cozy outdoor lounge areas is one of the most sought-after outdoor living trends to try this spring. These relaxing zones provide homeowners with the perfect retreat for unwinding, socializing, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. Whether it’s a comfortable seating area with plush cushions, a cozy fire pit, or a hammock nestled among lush greenery, these spaces offer a tranquil getaway from the busy pace of everyday life.


When styling an outdoor lounge area, consider incorporating comfortable and weather-resistant furniture, ample lighting, and decorative elements that reflect your personal style. Add warm textures like woven rugs, throw blankets, and soft cushions to establish a warm and welcoming ambiance. Additionally, adding touches of greenery with potted plants or strategically placed planters can enhance the natural ambiance.


3. Sustainable Landscaping Practices 

Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends To Try This Spring- Sustainable LandscapingOne of the most eco-friendly outdoor living trends this spring is incorporating sustainable landscaping practices. This approach includes embracing native plant species and implementing xeriscaping techniques (using plants that do not need more water beyond what the natural climate provides) that not only benefit the environment but also create beautiful and low-maintenance outdoor spaces. Recent studies even show the benefits of planting native plants to birds, butterflies, native bees, and other wildlife.


In addition to native plants and xeriscaping, incorporating rainwater harvesting systems and permeable paving can further enhance the sustainability of your outdoor living space. Rainwater harvesting allows homeowners to collect and reuse rainwater for irrigation, reducing the strain on municipal water supplies. Permeable paving, on the other hand, helps minimize runoff and allows water to percolate into the soil, replenishing groundwater reserves.

4. Multi-Functional Outdoor Spaces 

Outdoor living trends to try this spring

In the era of space optimization and versatility, outdoor living trends to try this spring often revolve around creating multi-functional outdoor spaces. These flexible areas can adapt to various activities and changing needs, maximizing the utility of the available outdoor space.


To achieve a multi-functional outdoor space, homeowners should consider incorporating flexible design elements that can be easily rearranged to suit different purposes. For example, a dining area can be transformed into a cozy lounge or outdoor office by simply rearranging the furniture and adding or removing elements like throw pillows or laptop tables.


Or, go even further to increase the flexibility by adding some built-in storage for outdoor games and equipment, covered patios that can serve as outdoor dining areas or entertainment spaces, and outdoor kitchen areas with versatile countertops that double as prep surfaces and bar-style seating.


End Note 

Embracing the latest outdoor living trends to try this spring can transform your outdoor spaces into functional, stylish, and sustainable extensions of your home. Whether you opt for an outdoor kitchen, a cozy lounge area, sustainable landscaping practices, or a multi-functional space, these trends offer homeowners the opportunity to create personal retreats that cater to their unique lifestyles and preferences.

If you’re ready to elevate your outdoor living experience, consider reaching out to Eichenlaub. Our team of experts in landscape design, outdoor architecture, and sustainable practices can guide you in turning your outdoor spaces into stunning and functional sanctuaries that align with the latest outdoor living trends to experiment with this spring.