5 Great Deer Resistant Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals


Imagine you wake up, grab your morning coffee, and head over to the front door to look at your beautiful landscape. While you look around, you start to see that almost all of your plants have been eaten by deer.

In Pennsylvania, we have a massive deer population, so it is likely that deer will find your landscape as their dinner. There are deer resistant plants that you can add to your landscape. Let’s dive into the world of deer resistant shrubs, perennials, and annuals that not only thrive but also fend off those curious deer.

Deer Resistant Shrubs, Perennials, And Annuals


Deer Resistant Shrubs- SumacFirst up, we have the ‘Grow Low’ sumac. Unlike its taller relatives, this sumac variety hugs the ground at around 2-2.5 feet tall. It’s a fantastic ground cover that spreads gracefully and adds a burst of color in the fall.

Plus, it’s incredibly drought-tolerant, making it a perfect choice for sunny, dry slopes. The best part? Deer seem to steer clear of it, making it a win-win for both aesthetics and deer resistance.


Deer Resistant Shrubs- WeigelasMoving on to ‘Midnight Wine’ Weigelas, a common favorite. These shrubs boast deep purple-maroon foliage with lovely lavender blossoms in mid-late spring. Their beauty knows no bounds, and luckily, deer don’t find them appealing either.


Deer Resistant Shrubs- PlumbagoFor a ground cover that’s both resilient and charming, say hello to ‘Plumbago’ (Ceratostigma Plumbaginoides). It’s a late bloomer, typically showing up around mid-May. Don’t be alarmed by its tardiness; it’s a tough plant that thrives in full sun but can handle some shade. Its delicate blue flowers grace your garden in late summer, and deer tend to give it a pass.

Ostrich Fern

Deer Resistant Shrubs- Ostrich FernNext on our list of deer resistant shrubs is the Ostrich Fern. These ferns thrive in woodland settings, reaching a height of 2-3 feet or even taller in ideal conditions. Deer seem to have little interest in them, and here’s a fun tidbit: they’re edible and said to taste like asparagus!

Pink Japanese Anemone

Deer Resistant Shrubs- Pink Japanese AnemoneLastly, let’s talk about the Pink Japanese Anemone. These shade-loving beauties bloom late, adding a touch of elegance to your garden in September and October. They thrive in the shade but can tolerate some sun. Deer generally don’t bother them, making them a fantastic addition to your deer-resistant plant collection.


End Card:

If you are experiencing deer eating all of your beautiful shrubs and plants, it can be beneficial to try some deer resistant perennials or deer resistant annuals that will add to your landscape!

Now, a word of caution: even with deer-resistant plants, deer may occasionally nibble or experiment. Their tastes can vary, so what one deer ignores, another might find intriguing. These plants are tried and tested, but it’s essential to stay vigilant.

Nonetheless, these selections are an excellent starting point for creating a garden that’s both beautiful and deer-resistant. If you are just not a big fan of these types of plants we suggested, there are a lot more deer resistant plants to choose from.

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