What are Parasoleil Panels?

If you are looking to screen an undesirable view, create overhead shading or backyard privacy you have many options, and a little bit of thought and creativity will go a long way.

Why not enhance your typical cedar lattice panel or pergola with a customized laser etched metal panel insert?  “Parasoleil” Panels offer artistic patterns available in a multitude of choices, finishes, materials and thicknesses.  They can make the difference between just your average lattice screening panel or pergola to a garden structure with amazing Wow factor!


Where does the word parasoleil come from?

The word “parasoleil” comes from French and means “sunshade”. The panels are often used on the exterior of buildings to block the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat that enters the building. This helps to keep the interior cool and comfortable, while also reducing energy costs associated with air conditioning.


Giving some creative thought to day and night time light and shadows can really make your space special and unique.  Consider elements such as backlighting or up-lighting the panels with outdoor lighting or placing them so a unique pattern of shade can be thrown onto walls or patio areas during certain times of the day.

Popular Parasoleil Patterns


Depending on the pattern you can even provide some degree of shelter from rain and wind.

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– Kevin Anthony Prall