Adding Plants And Fish To Your Home Water Feature

Water Plants and Fish

Just as your water feature is unique to you and your property, aquatic plants are unique to their specialized environment. Whether they are floating above, existing just below the surface, or growing up from the depths of your pond to bloom spectacularly, water plants provide a beauty and grace not found anywhere else in the landscape.

Eichenlaub will help you choose the right plants and fish for your water feature.


In addition to the pure visual appeal, aquatic plants are a vital member of the mini ecosystem that is the backyard pond. Not only do they shade and cool the water, they also absorb excess nutrients, out competing the hideous algae determined to take over. Some plants even provide shelter and food for the fish in the pond, and the waterfowl that may visit it.

Eichenlaub will help you choose the right plants for your water feature.


Types Of Plants


When one thinks of the quintessential pond plant, the first image that appears is that of floating lily pads and delicate white flowers. Near endless selections from a common hardy white lily to beautiful annual exotics that bloom in bright colors day or night.


Floaters ride the lazy river currents of your pond, their fast spreading nature and ability to take nutrients straight from the water, make them some of the best filtration plants out there. The interesting shapes and unique lifestyle make them a must have aesthetic quality


The largest category of plants by far, marginals are plants that thrive with wet feet. Existing anywhere between wet soil to a few inches under water, marginals are responsible for providing height and density to frame your feature in colorful foliage and attractive flowers.


These are the plants behind the scenes. Growing up from the deepest parts of your pond, this group does the hard work to keep your fish and water happy and healthy. Another strong competitor for algae, these plants supply needed oxygen and habitat to the school of fish living in your pond.

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Displaying colors from brilliant gold, to deep orange, to pure white, and several colors in between, adding fish to your pond can easily be the most rewarding addition to your pond. Easy to maintain and beautiful to look at, graceful koi, and darting goldfish can take your backyard pond to the next level of enjoyment.

Eichenlaub will help you choose the right fish for your water feature.


As seen in everything from the local pet store to the carnival, goldfish are popular and plentiful for a reason.  Exhibiting bright orange and white colors, these easy to care for fish will happily coexist in the same features as the majestic koi, swimming around the larger fish in dazzling schools.  However unlike koi, nearly every feature is right for goldfish. They will happily live in the smallest ponds with minimal care, bringing a splash of color to a courtyard or back patio near you.

Butterfly Fin Koi

Displaying colors ranging from vivid orange, to pure white, to deep black the butterfly fin koi will quickly become the most exciting part of your pond.  Butterfly fin koi are a hybrid species, eventually growing to be nearly 2 feet in length and displaying flowing, graceful fins that continue to grow throughout their life.  They are hardy for the Pittsburgh area, and will live happily in ponds of a medium to large size.

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