Fort McNair Horsechestnut – Plant Ideas


Kevin with Eichenlaub here once again talking about plants we like to use in landscapes. The tree I’d like to talk about today is Fort McNair Horsechestnut. Great plant to use in our landscapes, really likes to be on open lawn areas. Probably does a little bit better in grassy areas, as opposed to near pavement as it tends to get some leaf scorch if it does get planted near pavement. 

Good for open lawns, parks, and backyards is a great place to use it. Blooms a red flower instead of the typical standard Horsechestnut colour of yellow. Blooms more of a reddish pink, typically in May. Also this one is known to be fruitless so you’re not going to get that messy nut in the fall.

Deer resistance – it is perfectly deer resistant, but again we want to protect the trees from any kind of buck rub when they’re young and their bark is tender and soft. Make sure to use some protection there if you have a deer issue in your yard. Most of us tend to have that here. 

Water requirements – I would say you want to keep it more evenly moist, not really too wet, but definitely not dry, because again it can get leaf scorch if it tends to get too dry. In the summertime, especially if it’s a younger tree, you’ll want to give it supplemental water. 

It’s a great plant that’s been around a while in the trade. This one is a great landscape plant, if you want something with a reddish pink bloom on a really large tree and ornamental tree, it’s an interesting one to use. Something fun to try, give it a shot.


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