Outdoor Drainage Maintenance for a Better Landscape

Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape Drainage

Outdoor drainage is important for year-round management of excess rainfall. Unfortunately when they’re not maintained properly, you can get a magnitude of issues which can really cause a headache. We always recommend checking your entire drainage system at least at the change of every season.

Here is a useful outdoor drainage maintenance checklist to ensure you have everything covered.

Check landscape slope

The slope of the ground surrounding your property plays a significant role in managing water flow. It’s important to ensure that the landscape is properly sloped away from your home or other structures. This helps prevent water from pooling near foundations, which can lead to moisture problems and potential structural damage. Consider grading your landscape to create a gentle slope away from the foundation and direct water towards drainage areas or natural slopes.

Deal with Fallen Leaves in you house gutters

Clean gutters

Be sure to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris that can obstruct water flow. Check that downspouts are directed away from the foundation to prevent water pooling near your home. By keeping your gutters and downspouts well-maintained, you can effectively manage roof runoff and protect your property from water damage.


Specific drainage maintenance

French Drains

We recommend checking the grates of your box drains and the gravel of your French drains (with gravel to the surface) regularly and remove any debris.  Check drains more often in the fall or other times when debris can quickly cover your drain.  Debris over a drain can make your drain ineffective and cause major water problems.

cleaning sewer drain with a hoseOutdoor Box Drains & Your Yard

Box drains are designed to allow debris to settle into the bottom so it does not clog the drain pipes.  This is why you may see a small amount of water remain in a bottom of a drain after a rain event.  This debris should be cleaned out 1 – 2 times per season depending on how much debris you have moving into the drain.  Open the grate of each box drain (this usually involving taking out a few screws) and clean out any debris that may be in there. A wet/dry shop vacuum can help because it can reach further than your hands to remove more debris.  Next, flush the drain with a garden hose.  Put the hose in the drain box and a few feet into the drainpipe if you can.  Allow the water to run for about two minutes per drain.


If your drain system has a clean out remove the top of the clean out and flush the pipe with hose water. If you are uncertain about any of this please contact your Eichenlaub consultant or project manager.

We can maintain your drains for you as part of your landscape maintenance program.