The importance of boulders in natural water features

Pittsburgh water feature expert Scott Rudolph shows us the importance of properly chosen and installed natural boulders.



Hey everybody Scott Rudolph here with Eichenlaub. Today I want to talk a little bit about natural boulderscapes, and so we have this substantial water feature here, and what we try to do in terms of interacting with the water features, is we want to create destinations for people. So in this particular feature, we have these boulder steps that go up and go to a patio right in the middle of the water feature, so we have just beautiful views, a thousand views in this water feature. And so, these boulders come out of the seven springs areas, they’re a top rock. A lot of times have little ferns or lichen growing on them. And so really beautiful boulders. They look like a natural representation like you’re hiking in the woods and this is the type of thing that you’ll see. Steps, it has an anchor boulder to really give it some structure. 


But also what’s really important is we talked about that heavy rock and how that can be a bit harsh, we use plantings in these applications, these little ground covers that spread and hug these rocks. THey’re really important to soften the rocks and create interest. And when I see a thousand different views, when you walk through here, you’ll see all kinds of different views and flowerings coming up throughout the sesaons. And if you look up in this area, this plant right here, spreading and taking the feature and just softening it and adding that color that really makes it look good. SO again a few seasons in, this pond is starting to take shape. We have just ab ti more work to do to get it perfect so it really pops.