Venus Dogwood – Plant Ideas

Hi Kevin from Eichenlaub once again talking about plants we like to use in our landscapes. The ornamental tree I’d like to talk about today is a Venus Flowering Dogwood. It is a hybrid tree, so it’s a cross between two different Dogwood trees. Generally 15-20 by 15-20 height and width. While we grow this plant, it’s a got a spectacular flower in late May to June. 5-8 inches across which is really large for a dogwood. White bloom, you might get a little bit of good fall color with this tree too in the fall. You might see some yellows and oranges mixed together. 

Easy to grow, great for lawn areas or any garden really, it’s going to be perfectly fine. The more sun you give it, the more blooms you’re gonna have. Like all dogwoods, it’s deer resistant so it’s a good one to use in our area while we have those issues. Again, try Venus Flowering Dogwood, it’s a great plant, easy to grow and very spectacular blooms. 



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