Landscape Ideas

For Your Pittsburgh Home

Here are some easy fall landscaping ideas for your Pittsburgh home!

During the fall season, your yard can still use some unique and beautiful outdoor landscaping. Autumn landscaping can often be neglected.

We're talking about trees such  as Japanese maples, crabapples,  red-twig dogwood, azaleas and blueberries. These beauties not only look like a scene out of a fall postcard but also stand strong against those chilly Pittsburgh nights.


Brush up on your lawn care by performing lawn aeration and adding fertilizer to your lawn before the  winter season. This will give your grass roots a solid foundation for the upcoming year!

Lawn Care

Leaving those leaves can cause mold and slippery surfaces. Instead, maybe add some to your garden as mulch! This can help generate nutrients for  your plants while also cleaning up  your backyard!


As the colder weather approaches,  make sure that your patio and walkways are ready to go! Clean them off, add some stain to your patio, and include some outdoor lighting.

Prepare Your Hardscape

Eichenlaub can help you with your landscaping needs. We have the trained and certified personnel, experience, knowledge, and equipment to cultivate a thriving environment on your property. Our comprehensive care allows you to enjoy your landscape, secure in the knowledge that we are attending to  its needs. The right tools in the right hands is the Eichenlaub difference.