Why should you add plants to your water feature

In this video Pittsburgh water feature expert Scott Rudolph discuss 3 important roles plants play in our water gardens.



Scott with Eichenlaub here. Today we’re here at a pond we installed about 2 seasons ago. And you can see that we’ve gotten some of the anchor trees installed around it. I always tell people that a pond is never as good the first year, you get all the boulders installed and it looks great but it looks a little too rocky, so we’re gonna plan the plantings and then we’re gonna come back and look after the plantings are done, and let’s see what a beautiful job it looks like after we’re done. So today we’re here with Natures Aquatics, and Susan Wall and we’re gonna get the plants planted here and we’ll talk a little bit about Aquatic plantings and how they help your pond. 


We’re back in our Aquatic planting, and we’re putting in the last of our aquatic plants today in this pond. You know, our landscape architect Pete Bizelli mentions that there should be two reasons to propose something in a landscape. And so, with aquatic plants, we have a couple of good reasons to put them into the pond after we’re done here. Number one, they’re gonna help soften the boulder look like we’ve talked about in the past. YOu can make it really look nice, secondly is that plants are natural filters. The aquatic plants get in there, their root systems get into the gravel and it makes for really good filtration and it helps the overall water quality of the system. 


Another good reason for the plants is the dragonflies, butterflies will come and fly and zoom around – it really makes for a show that’s just enjoyable to watch. The last reason is the fish also love it.


Another challenge we had with this landscape is the structure down below, we wanted to soften that. So the tree really does a good job of breaking that up and also, on the upper patio where we stand, it adds a little bit of intimacy for that patio.