3 Common Outdoor Furniture Mistakes

The biggest mistake we see people make when ordering outdoor furniture online or even when purchasing from a store is buying the wrong size!  The last thing you want is a dining table that takes up the entire patio space.  It is critical to take accurate measurements when selecting furniture and to be very clear on the dimensions of the product you are buying.  Rule of thumb: Measure twice, order once!

The second biggest mistake is underpaying or overpaying for furniture.  It is important to buy a high-quality product that will last but you may not need to pay for a fancy brand name or from an overpriced store.  It is important to work with someone you trust. Someone who will help you make the right choice for your needs.

Finally, if you plan to sit or lay on your furniture, make sure it is comfortable!  This might seem obvious but it is not uncommon at all to buy a beautiful outdoor couch online, then when it arrives, you cannot bear to sit in it.  You should be enjoying your outdoor living space in comfort.  If you must order something online, be sure to read the comments.  If it is uncomfortable, people will usually comment about it.

Eichenlaub can help you with your outdoor furniture selection.  We will make sure your furniture fits your space and you get a good value.  You can “test drive” some comfortable furniture pieces in our Outdoor Living Studio.  Email us with questions or to set an appointment to come see us:


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