The Best Pittsburgh Gardens to Visit

Even though Pittsburgh is known for its yellow bridges and vibrant culture, the city can also be a hot spot for some of the best gardens to visit. Pittsburgh has many outdoor sanctuaries that allow anyone who loves gardening, landscaping, or the garden scenery to have a memorable experience. Today, we are introducing to you the best gardens to visit in the city of Pittsburgh.


 Phipps Conservatory and Botanical GardensPhipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

If you are a native Pittsburgher, then you are most likely familiar with Phipps Conservatory. Located in Schenley Park, which is just a few miles from downtown Pittsburgh, this green oasis features a fourteen-room glasshouse with twenty-three unique gardens. Orchid and bonsai collections, as well as seasonal flower shows, are just a few of the highlights visitors can expect to see.



Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical GardenRodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden

Rodef Shalom is a unique botanical garden experience that features an Ancient Israel replica. When you walk into the garden, you can tour the Holy Land in a setting that includes a cascading waterfall, a desert scene, a bubbling stream, and various biblical-related plants. Both beautiful and relaxing, this Pittsburgh garden is an absolute must-visit.




The Octopus GardenThe Octopus Garden

Since its opening in 2009, The Octopus Garden has served as a home to various crops planted by locals. This community garden, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood, also promotes unity alongside its fruits and veggies. Often, families plant crops of their choosing in order to lower their food bills, while schools use the garden as an educational, outdoor classroom in the warmer months. Octavia the Octopus, created by Lauren Jean McLaughlin and Bob Ziller, sits right in the heart of the garden to greet all those that pass by.



Highland Park Entry GardenHighland Park Entry Garden

Restored in 2005, the Highland Park Entry Garden is a must-see, especially in the spring and fall. With Victorian-style landscaping, plenty of walkways, fountains, and flower beds, this garden is the perfect outdoor sanctuary. After entering the park, take a walk on one of the many recreational trails, or admire the many butterflies that have made this garden their home. 



Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Founded in 1988, the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is sixty acres of trails, woodlands, gardens, exhibits, and more! Visitors can take a stroll through the Asian Woodland to see the Lotus Pond, walk their dogs along the various trails, or attend one of the weekly garden events. There is something for everyone to do and see at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.




East Field Cooperative Garden

As its name suggests, the East Field Cooperative Garden is a community garden that promotes opportunities for locals to grow healthy produce of their own. This growing space is open to both residents and visitors alike.



Borland Garden

The Borland Garden, established in 2011, is committed to respecting and caring for the environment by nurturing a safe and supportive community. This shared garden space, made up of ⅓ acres, features a diverse ecosystem where weekly events like the summer youth program and block parties are hosted.


Visiting one of these many Pittsburgh gardens is a great way to spend some time in the warm summer weather, build community, and admire some beautiful landscaping. 

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