Red Creeping Thyme – Plant Ideas

In this video, Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist Kevin Prall discusses another great evergreen ground-cover you can use in your Pittsburgh landscape.


Hi, Kevin here with our continued plant discussion on great landscape plants to use for the Pittsburgh area. The ground cover I’d like to talk about today is the one called ‘Creeping red flowering thyme’, botanical Latin name is Thymus Praecox Coccineus. And just so you know, Coccineus when you see that written means ‘red’ or ‘pink’ color. Great evergreen ground cover.  Sunnier spots, it does not like shade at all. Keep it on the drier side. Rock gardens are terrific, very fragrant foliage when the foliage is touched or crushed. It blooms typically after the creeping floxus in the spring, you might see this one starting in let’s say June, probably for a good 3-4 weeks. Very bright, kind of a hot pink, magenta color. It’s very noticeable in the garden. It is one of those steppable plants that actually takes a little bit of foot traffic between stepping stones. A great plant and again like a lot of herbs, tends to be pretty deer resistant due to the aromatic foliage. Again, a great plant for dry locations, as sunny as possible. Take a look at red creeping flowering thyme. Thanks.


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